This posting is one we have been looking forward to for a very long time….

For as long as we have lived in Kathmandu we have followed the local art scene.

We love art and since we opened Tings we wanted to use our premises to either inspire local artists by showing what we like ourselves OR show travelers passing by Tings, local guests and friends of Tings works by local talented young artists.

For the first time we have a show with Nepalese artist only…. and it really thrills us. Especially because the artists are someone we have followed for a long time.

We still don’t know what they will show. But we will blog about their progress – hopefully on a daily basis. But that depends on the bits and pieces we receive….

Until we get something we’ll introduce each of the artists starting from tomorrow.

What a privilege it is to being able to arrange an organic art event…

Until we have a name for the event we call it: TakeNoPrisoners@Tings – read why here.



Thomas & Annette

After a lot of talk we had the first meeting on 4 August.



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