There are tourists… and then there are travellers…

It’s low season but Tings is almost full – noget med travellers !!


Travelling and working is in our blood… we’re privileged to be able to live a life where we can combine it.


Why do we have guests at Tings when it’s low season?

Well – its difficult to come up with an answer. BUT one of the reasons is the people we had in mind while creating Tings. Our plan was from the beginning to make a place for travellers… NOT tourists.

We do have tourists at Tings – and we love them – but most of them come in the seasons. These days its mostly travellers that stays here.


Tourists? Travellers… isn’t that the same?


Travellers are people who live ‘on the road’ – at least mentally. People who are open and curious, flexible, who want to explore and don’t need a safety net. And they are independent of seasons, agencies, special offers etc. Whenever they have a chance for new experiences, they grab it.

Some wake up one day, have time off, decide to go somewhere, buy tickets and leave without further plans. Or they plan to take a year or two off, arrange their life accordingly and LEAVE!


How come travellers attract travellers?

Travellers live in a virtual country that covers the whole world – it’s a country without borders and nationalities, but with places where travellers touch down for a while and recharge their batteries before returning to the next place.

These places are also where they meet fellow travellers, share information about destinations, road conditions, border crossings, get the latest gossip about other travellers, swap books, find a partner for special destinations, download new books and music, Skype with friends, get some of the food they can’t get on the road, cook for themselves if they are desperate and/or just chill…

Tings is a place like that.

And right now most of our guests are travellers who found us through the most important mean of communication: The Grape Wine – word of mouth, on social networks, from blogs and through meditation 🙂


How do you know about all ‘this’?

We know because we are travellers ourselves – and have lived on the road for a lifetime. We have been so privileged to have professions where it has been possible to combine work and travel.


How is it living on the road?

Good question… and a question we can talk about for hours.

In 2000 we travelled for a year – a groundbreaking experience that changed our lives for good.

When we returned to Copenhagen we were drowning in questions from friends and family about the trip… the questions had nothing to do with the countries we went to, the cities we stayed in or the sights. The questions were about the food, the toilets, getting sick, the dangerous buses etc. In other words:  About living on the road.

Instead of writing hundreds of mails and/or pages we tried to answer all these questions with pictures and put together a slide show about the trip. Thanks to all the free online services you get everywhere on the web we’ve compressed, converted an embedded the slideshows and posted them on this blog 🙂

So if you are thinking of going to The Country of Travelers and want to know how life is here, have a look at at the slide shows.

The 1st of 3 is here:


The last 2 you can see here: Thomas & Annette.

/Thomas (in bed with fever, killing time interviewing himself)


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