FOR TV LOVERS! Watch The Persuaders on demand…

A lot of you don’t know what and who The Pursuaders is/was.

It’s a classic TV series from the 70’ties with Hollywood superstars Tony Curtis and and Roger Moore….

…. no we haven’t got television at Tings.

But being in bed with fever for the 2nd day and getting more and more bored I started surfing on Youtube.

Not only do Youtube have TV classics as the one above. They also have a lot of full  length movies, full length documentaries, full length concerts etc.

But the best thing.

You can watch them on your computer. Our connection is fast enough – if you change the settings on YouTube to SLOW CONNECTION. Go to the small settings icon in the bottom right on the movie you want to see.

So if you can’t find any video on our book shelf in the main house first floor – go to you tube…

If you don’t know The Persuaders mayby you know John Berry’s fantastic theme…



/Thomas (from the bed)



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