News about Tings Yangon – say hallo to Tin!!!

The hard work begins.

One of the main reasons behind our success with Tings in Kathmandu is the research we did prior to our arrival in 2009. We basically covered all major issues that would/could have (and have had) an impact on our project.


We did exactly what Thomas teach all his student at his lectures in Business Management.


This process was started up in Yangon yesterday!!!!

As pr today Tin Maung we’ll help us covering all aspects related to starting up Tings in Yangon with special focus on finding the right property in the right location. Tin was introduced to us by our close friends – and fellow travelers – The Rittos. So somehow it’s all in the family. And we love that.


Say hallo to Tin


Tin’s job will NOT be easy – but we expect it to be easier than it was in Kathmandu. Our optimism is mainly due to the fact that Yangon has a real estate market with agents we can activate – something that  did not exist when we arrived in Nepal (Thomas found 72 real estate agents in Yangon yesterday. All in Burmese of course…LOL).

Thylander - can you please provide us with some advice.


It’s a big pleasure to know that while we’re writing this post Tin is working hard to fill up our calenders so our days are fully booked when we return to Yangon in June on our second research trip this year.

And it’s also a big thrill to feel the big support and interest people show us. Sarah – we will definitely continue our talks… same goes to you Rasmus (and Troels).

First step was our decision to start up… our second step is to start up the survey…. wonder how many steps there are…. and where it will take us.

Thomas and Annette




We’re looking for a partner to Tings Kathmandu… someone who – like us – want to combine business with adventure and consideration. We’ll get back with more details… (important – Kathmandu is our home!!)


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