We found a new oasis an hour from Tings by car…

The view from the rooms.

After more than three years here in Kathmandu it’s a big thrill still being able to find wonderful places we’ve never visited before.

Pharping is one of our favorite picnic destinations – especially when we need to get some spirituality in more relaxed surroundings than Boudha.

Our daughter Pravina invited us on a picnic in her new car so we went there again yesterday. But this time we passed through Pfarping and continued for another 15 minutes. Our friend and guest Nina has told us about a small guest house just after the last monasteries – and we wanted to check that out.

Crystal Earth is run by Dyana from Finland and her team of young and dedicated kids.

We didn’t stay there – but we will. And very soon. Annette found a lot of super cool designs (western style) from Dyana’s show room. Some of it needs to be changed – so we will go there again and wait a couple of nights – so Annette’s clothes fits her when she leaves again.

Crystal Earth is one of the few places Tings Recommend.

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