The art of cooking

First – go to your local (and trusted) meat pusher.

Ask him for the right cutting. Don’t be shy – use your hands, nose, eyes or what ever is necessary.

Don’t forget the discount!!!


Jit in action!

 Second – prepare your marinade



Use you fantasy. ABC Stout + Honey + Chipotle is MAGIC.

Don’t forget garlic + grounded pepper and SEA SALT!!!


Third – massage your meat with the marinade

We cut the meat “loose” from the ribs and massage the ‘inside’ with our marinade.

TIP OF THE DAY. Imagine that it is your lover you’re giving massage. The meat likes that 🙂


Fourth – wrap it in plastic and place it in the fridge

Leave it there until tomorrow. But look to it every 2 hour – don’t forget to give the meat a little extra massage and more important talk nicely to it.



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