We have happy guests – and a few VERY UNHAPPY ones.

A word from a happy guest.


From the moment you arrive you feel welcome and right at home in this small lounge hotel. You are always met with a great big smile by the staff, and they are all so helpful and nice. Breakfast is a dream with fresh home baked bread, fresh fruit, müsli and more. Should you be in for lunch or dinner, there are always some “today’s special” dishes, which are well worth choosing (best Gazpacho soup I’ve ever had!). Otherwise the menu is full of delicious things like fresh spring rolls, sandwiches made of home baked bread and tapas – when we are travelling, we always go for local food, but sometimes it’s just great to have something else. TripAdvisor 15 April 2012


People are different – so are hotels.
The same week as we received this (and one more excellent review) we had a guest that left after one day. HE HATED TINGS.

So please read what people write about the place and don’t go for the ranking only.

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