The Mango Season has started!

Our fruit salad with mango, papaya, watermelon, grapes and banana tossed in a lime/mint dressing.

The mint is fresh from the garden – it gives an incredible smell i the kitchen when we chop it.



Aman and Ally picking coriander and mint a couple of hours ago. The first for our masala omelets – the latter for our fruit salad.

While the bread is in the oven we drain the yogurt so it gets creamy and tasty without all the ‘water’ its normally soaked in (from 1.000 ml to 500 ml), chop herbs and vegetables for the omelets, grate the cheese (also for the omelets), prepare the buffet with our organic jams, home made Dulche de Leche butter, juice, milk, aged cheese (so it tastes of something) and muesli.

When all that is done the first bread is ready!


That’s a normal morning in our kitchen…



And this morning was exceptional… we had mangoes for the first time in many months.



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