News from the Tea Lounge

We have just spend the whole morning updating our Tea Menu!

Our teas are getting more and more popular. Some of them sell out faster than we can get them to Katmandu.

And thanks to all the tea lovers among our friends and guest we now get tea send from all over the world. The best of these teas make it to our menu along with the teas we bring home ourselves from our travels.

Today we added two brand new (and unique) teas.

We used this occasion to up-date the tea pages on this blog with description on all the teas including links to relevant websites that answers most of the tea questions we get from our guests…

Check out Our Tea page – or even better, come by and try for your self.

And very soon we’ll have a new Blooming Flower Tea directly from China… our friend Cinzia just mailed us from the airport in China that she is bringing them for us…. We’re looking forward to that.


Thomas & Annette


While editing the menu we listened to Peter Gabriel’s Long Walk Home and Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ – two recordings that are perfect for the teas 🙂




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