Tings Products Annette’s Lamps and Soaps just arrived.

The Lamps are so beautiful. 


Aren’t they funky….. I MEAN THE LAMPS!!!


Friends and guests Stephen and Thomas just approved both of the lamps. Their favorite is the one with he small blue flowers glued in the paper… My own favorite is the other one – it has big yellow leaves.

We have one problem – we already have 3 orders for the lamps – but right now we only focus on getting the samples finished so Annette can present them for a few shops in down town CPH…


The soaps are not as good as we expected…



… they are OK. But then we got them Basudev told us that the 5th soap wasn’t a soap BUT something you hang in your bathroom. Something that smells good. Again some misunderstandings that arise from language problems.


Sushil called us and told us that he would bring the pashminas tomorrow morning.


Annette leaves for the airport at 7 pm…


It has been a long day.



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