Tings Products – Annette designs pashminas (Vol. 4)

Things are happening so fast I don’t have time to post them..:-)

Yesterday afternoon Annette picked up the ‘labe’ at the lable shop in Pagnajol. they produce all the labels you can imagine for DIY branded jeans, shirts, T-Shirts, under ware etc. Nike, Calvin Klein, Zara, Levi’s… you name it they make it. 🙂


The 'Tag Shop' in Pagnajol...


The Tings Tags....


Annette went straight from the Label shop to Sushil’s Factory to give him all the tags so he can sew the on the pashminas after ironing. At the same time Annette had a glance at the the big shawls.


240 x 140 cm and light as a feather


The first blue ones were drying ind the wind… the look absolutely fabulous.

This is how they look when they fold together… look at the colors!



This day (today) started as busy as yesterday.

We called Basudev at the Soap factory and arranged with him to put on all the lables on the soap before delivering the later today. The only thing we had to do was to bring all the labels to him.

Since the factory is next door to Bath Batheni where Thomas had to go anyway this was not a problem.

The problems appeared when he explained how we wanted them to put on the labels.

The lables were wrong!

The Tings Logo was placed on the ‘back side’ of the soap 🙂

So there was only one thing to do. Off to AD Factor and change the labels. And thank God (or Buddha) for that – when Thomas was sitting in front of the screen with the designer, Santos passed by and very casually said.

There is a misspelling – it’s Sandal Wood NOT Sandel Wood. 


…. and more problems.


Because of the Load shedding we could not print the new label at the agency.

So Off to find a printer – and a printer with a quality printer….

After 1:30 hr Thomas finally delivered the new and correct labels to the soap factory.

So all that’s left now is waiting… this afternoon/evening/night we’ll get 3 lamps, 5 x 10 soaps, minimum 13 pieces of the BIG shawls in 10 different colors, a as many as possible of the ‘smaller’ and thicker 200 x 70 cm shawls.




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