Tings Products – Annette designs pashminas (Vol. 3)


Discussing colors – Annette wants 5 different…. at least… have to decide so he can start making the first samples later today.

A few hours later

The first samples… LOOKS GOOD!

Annette has a few comments…like always 🙂


Big Thing – Sushil showed us the first version of the Big and very light shawl (the one above are thicker and heavier scarfs).


Isn't it beautiful


The size is 240 x 140 cm but the weight is only 180 g!!!


Thomas does the cat walk….


Right now Annette is picking up labels for the scarfs. Everything will be delivered by tomorrow evening… including 5 different soaps + laps… so it’s a little hectic right now.


If you missed our previous visits at Sushil’s factory you can still see it here:

First visit

Second visit


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