Tings Products – Annette designs pashminas (Vol. 2)

The other day Annette briefed Sushil – or rather explained her ideas…


Annette and Sushil discuss ideas and possibilities


In the weaving you can mix different kinds of materials – silk, cotton, cashmere – and the thickness and structure of the thread mean everything for the final expression. As do the quality of the cashmere.

It takes years of experience to know how the final pashmina will be – so we listened a lot to Sushila advices (which was very hard for Thomas’ patience).

BUT we have our own ideas that comes form our ways of looking at things. And its not always the Nepalese has done it our way – so why not try…

Annette loves to play with contrasts and wants – in all her designs – a combination of simplicity and character/warmth.


Getting closer


After 30 minutes we agreed on the right combination for 2 different designs:

  • Silk on the trend woven with a combination of two different cashmeres in a light and airy weave.
  • Silk on the trend woven with super thin cashmere – in mega size 140 x 230 cm.
  • And only the highest quality of cashmere

Tomorrow we’ll see the first samples. So stay tuned…



If you missed our first visit at Sushil’s factory you can still see it here.



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