New Years greetings from Annette & Thomas

First: Happy New Year to all of you out there!

Second: Thanks for everything you have given us in 2011!

In case you don’t know.. ‘you’ are all the people we’ve met in 2011 at Tings. People who have stayed with us, people who have chilled in Tings Tea Lounge, people that just passed by to satisfiy their curiosity, people we have ‘just’ communicated with on line and all the people that have helped us creating Tings.

‘You’ are our new Nepali friends who have helped, supported and guided us through the crazy world of Nepal. And more important – accepted Tings as a hang out place in spite the fact that we do not serve Dal Bat, Nepali Tea, and pitchers or bottles of alcohol, and do not accept cars.

‘You’ are all the international travellers – like our selves – who know the importance of a quiet unconventional, unpretentious place away from the busy tourist hub, where you get inspiration from other travellers and get the batteries recharged.. Your ongoing support is what motivates us to go on when things get tough…

‘You’ are all our international friends who lives in Kathmandu and connect us to that part of the Kathmandu society. This means a lot to us.

‘You’ are all the young kids we have had the priviliged to help in our small way… Juju and Kiki: Its not much we have done to help. Tings have taken too much of our time and money. But you and your kids are constantly in our hearts….

‘You’ are Milou (RIP), Ally and Milly… miauw

Last but not least. ‘You’ are the Tings staff, our family that surrounds us 24/7. Each of you have skills and potential that will bring you – not necessarily wealth – but happiness. When you decide to continue you life outside Tings we will be there to help you achieving whatever you want to achieve…

All this love and encourragment we recieve is hard to live up to. But we’ll continue doing our best. That means being honest, enthusiastic and focused in all we do. Add to that a lot of love.

If you think we have achieved a lot in 2011 – well, actually we haven’t.

In 2012 year we will continue improving Tings (thanks for all your advices and suggestions). We will have more art exhibitions and other cultural events – (just made a deal with Charlotte Neel for an exhibition in October), we will introduce events d’ cuisine (Claus from Danish Villa Vanvid will perform in February) we work on the new Tings design-products and our big hope is to help increase our collaboration with KIMFF in 2012 (you can support us by showing up at the Nepal Film Gala in Copenhagen on 6th January….

But most important. We hope to have more time to our wonderful kids at Kiki’s Childrens Home

We’re loking forward to seing you all again in 2012. And to welcome all our future friends.

Now the fun starts 🙂

Goa, India -1st January.

Thomas & Annette


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