Good Morning WORLD

Thomas, Ally, Milly, Annette (coffee + love) & Solomon Burke (groovy, crispy sounds) blogging...

Hello out there…

Christmas is getting closer… not that it is something that we care much about. Actually we hate Christmas. Or rather: Not Christmas itself – but the commercial ‘circus’ that surrounds the old Heathen season.

In Copenhagen people are stressing around from the end of September to make everything ready for the night of the up coming 24th. Drinking too much, eating unhealthy food, spending too much money, sleeping too little and just acting stupid… If your are planning to go to Copenhagen on one of the 3 last Fridays before the 24 December… DON’T! (ask your Danish friends – they will tell you why)

When people reach the ‘goal’ – doing koras around the Christmas Tree – they are exhausted and one step closer to bankruptcy, divorce or even suicide…

We have never been a part of that madness. We surround us with (a different kind of) madness all year around 🙂

But that’s not the same as NOT celebrating the season. One of the things we do like is being together with friends AND making the delicious food you only eat in December. And we like the candles, open fire etc.

The past two weeks has been very close to what we like about the Christmas season… working in the kitchen with friends and and people we share the same views and ideas with, chilling in the very warm lounge… we have even been so privileged having kids with us!

Tings has been packed with house guests, guests from our neighborhood and friends passing by saying hello. And a week ago we were privileged having  film people that were in Town for the KIMFF festival…. a festival that marked the first step in our mini project promoting Nepali movies in Denmark… more about that in another posting.

We even have new friends we don’t know. This morning our friend Mark Tremlett from The Land of Ozzies mailed us this:

Hello Thomas and Annette,
I’m so glad things at Tings have gone so wonderfully well for you since you opened your doors.
My Friend Toni is your greatest fan. She keeps up with your blog all the time.
I don’t even know them.’ she says,
‘But they seem like old friends.…’Did you see what Thomas and Annette are up too?’

We’re looking forward to meet Toni one day…

We have not only been gifted with peoples company – we have also received a lot positive response to the few results of our Playing-in-the-kitchen.

Jit, Muskan and Baal are now confident in making Rillets de Wild Pork, the good old French Classic: Onion Soup, Mulled Wine, Pickled Cucumber and a few other Winter Classics.

These ‘Today’s Specials’ sell faster than we can make them… thank’s to the kitchen (Sorry for my shouting/T).

And before we reach 2012 they will know how to make Confit de Canard, how to barbecue a whole rib of Wild Boa, make Red Cabbage, Chicken Gordon Bleu, Salmon Quiche and a few of the other things we will serve for Christmas along with the Cheese Extravaganza we hope we will be able to serve…

So as you can see things are happening at Tings. In a small scale of course. It’s a small place and none of us have any experience in doing what we do. But we are dedicated and honest in what we are doing… and that seem to compensate.

The sun is shining outside and inside. Solomon Burke’s wonderful voice is beaming around us.

Have a good day.

Annette & Thomas


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