A word from Thomas and Annette

If you think this posting is too long, DON’T READ. Come by and let us explain.

Sorry for taking your time – but we have a ‘few’ thing we feel we need to explain.

All the attention Tings has got since our opening has increased the expectations of our guest – that’s why we feel the need to ‘say a few words’.

First – thank you for writing reviews of Tings on Trip Advisor, mailing us pictures, travel tips, regards and/or ‘just’ warm thoughts. That encourage us all – especially our staff – to go on doing what we do.

The expectations put a lot of pressure on all of us. And that’s only good – there is always something we can do better.

But the hype also brings us guests who shouldn’t have stayed with us – people who know nothing about the idea behind Tings, and get disappointed because they expect something else.

And ‘take’ a room from someone who would have loved to stay at Tings.

Why bring this up now?

Last week we got an ‘odd’ review on Trip Advisor. The review is VERY GOOD, but reading the very detailed posting, we have a feeling of being blamed for all the things we have decided NOT to be, NOT to have, NOT to do etc.

And getting blamed for NOT being what we try to tell everyone WE ARE NOT is pissing us off.

But at the same time it shows us that we haven’t been good enough explaining what Tings is about, or not about. To make it clear: Tings is NOT for everybody – a lot of people will HATE to stay with us!

So instead of being annoyed – why not use the review as an opportunity to tell what Tings is about: What we do and don’t and what you can expect (and NOT expect) if you come by?

First: With Tings we wanted to create not only a hotel, but a meeting place. 

Tings are for free individual travelers, people who are NOT afraid of getting involved with other travelers – people who have attitude, opinion, are considerate and who love getting involved with like minded: Black, White, Yellow, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Gays, Straights, young, old, rich, poor…what ever you are doesn’t matter as long as you have an open mind.

Staying alone in an empty hotel is very depressing. We try to avoid that by doing three things.

  1. Our Tea Lounge is for out side guests as well
  2. We try to have 2-3 long term guests
  3. We have created a lot of different spaces to meet and chat – the big table on the terrace where everybody works on their own laptop, the chilling cushions in the lounge, etc.

In this way even out of the season you’ll have a possibility to meet other people – and get tips and/or company. Making new friends.

And it works!

Take Rune – who got introduced to us from his friend Klaus, one of our first guests. Rune went to Chennai and visited Shiram and Cathrine whom he met at Tings. Anoher guest’s dog is staying 6 months at Cathrine’s parents farm in California, and Sasha and Sandra got introduced to Australia by one of our Aussie guests after staying with Salvatore in Hong Kong – they also met at Tings.

If you have problems meeting ‘strangers’: Don’t stay at Tings.

Second: Location – one of our most important criteria.

We don’t want to be one more hotel in the commercial area fighting to get business from the tourists. We want our small oasis to be close to down town, but in a more relaxed neighborhood with a local life of its own.

Lazimpat is in a quiet residential area. Because of all the Embassies and foreigners here, Lazimpart is one of the safest parts of Kathmandu, less than 15 minutes walk from Thamel. But without its dope dealers and pimps.

The most dangerous here are the holes in the road… 🙂

The best thing (to us): some of the best nightlife (restaurants, café’s, galleries, music etc) – for Nepalis and foreigners – is less than 5 minutes from our door.

If you want to go to Thamel and don’t want to walk back, you can go by taxi in less than 5 minutes for 1 usd.

If you want to live in the heart of Thamel – don’t stay at Tings.

Third: conveniences in relaxed surroundings.

With Tings we want to combine the most important conveniences from business hotels and with the chilling and casual ambience you find in relaxed backpacker hotels.

  • We have free WiFi: Fast and reliable (we have 2 different providers).
  • We have 24 hrs of electricity – also when the government only provides 6 hrs daily.
  • We do not have a generatur – WE HATE THE NOISE. So during load shedding we still have light, music WiFi etc. But you can’t use your hair dryer and other electrical gadgets.
  • All rooms have hot water (solar + electricity).
  • Tings is the warmest place in the cold season. Our rooms have down duvets brought in from Denmark. And in the cold winter season all rooms get a gas heater. Same goes with the Lounge.We don’t want our guests to be cold.

Fourth: Tings is OUR ‘playground’.

One of the reasons why we are in Kathmandu is because we have ideas we want to live out. Tings is a playground where we (Thomas & Annette) play with the interior and add character to the place with whatever is available around us. Things all can afford.

Our lamps are old frames that Nepalis use for making paper, our curtains are beautiful antique sarees Annette bought second hand, and some of the closet’s doors are made of beautiful hand made paper.

Some of our ideas work – some doesn’t. The latter we change along the way. But what we wont change is the minimalistic international style with ethnic tunes, warm and colorful.

So – if you expect Nepali ambience and/or a well-functioning IKEA Closet don’t stay at Tings.


Fifth: We make the food you can’t get elsewhere.

One of the best things travelling is the food. We LOVE to eat locally… in restaurants, in night markets, in private homes and wherever we get a chance to taste the local cuisine.

That’s why we encourage all our guests to try out all the excellent restaurants around us.

But sometimes you just don’t feel like eating ‘out’. And sometimes you’re desperate to get things you never get locally. Light food, green salad, simple and basic dishes, good bread etc.

Then you’ll appreciate our small snack menu with our favorite dishes from around the world made from local ingredients. And you can’t get it elsewhere…

If you want Nepali food – don’t eat at Tings.


Sixth: We have attitude.

Finally we have a strong attitude about ‘the small things’ at Tings and have what you could call a ‘mission’ about showing a high level of quality: In tea, in books, in music etc.

We do not serve Nepali tea (with milk and sugar), but we do serve tea from Nepal. Nepal has a wide range of high quality tea – the kind of tea you would spoil by adding sugar and milk. We have made a selection of our favorite teas from Nepal and other parts of the world – to show how different and delicious tea can be

We have a good library of books, and our guest are more than welcome to swap books – but only if it is a book we like.

We do not serve hard alcohol on it’s own. But our guests can drink a bottle of champagne, a glass of wine, a cold beer or a drink etc – and do it with style.

We do not allow cars on our property. It would take the charm of the relaxing garden and further more – people who come here often enjoy a beer and/or a glass of wine. And we don’t encourage drinking and driving.

We play jazz, electronica, world, industrial and a lot of other genres. BUT NOT Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica, Led Zeppelin and all the other has-beens you hear in Thamel. We like that kind of music as well and play it privately. But we want to give our international travelers a ‘break’ from the lousy Thamel music and show our Nepali guests all the wonderful music they never get a chance to hear.

If you don’t like these rules. Don’t stay at Tings.

Finally: Tings is about people.

As we tell our staff, our friends, our colleagues, guests and others: Tings is like a big family living in a big house getting visits from a lot of friends. That’s the spirit we want to greet people with.

If you don’t like this – don’t stay at Tings

That’s about it!

We think the idea behind Tings is simple. But we also know that some people might find our attitude arrogant. We’re not – our arrogance is a misinterpretation of attitude and honesty. All we do, we do with love and consideration…

Come by and have a look a chat and a hug.

And excuse us if you feel lost. Sometimes we’re extremely busy… then just ask for Thomas, Annette, Dorje, Anni, Jit, Muskhan, Githa, Dorjee, Urmilla, Bal, VJ – or one of the guests.

Annette and Thomas