We got a new daughter, a cousin, niece or….:-)

We are very priviledged at Tings.

It’s low season –  and yet we have a lot of guests. But that doesn’t mean that the business is good: we’re spending a lot of money renovating the roof where the rain is soaking in… and six of or bath room need renovation of the basins….. and a cracked wall.

Any way – it’s far better that we had hoped for, so we’re slowly involving us in helping where we can.

The other day we got aware that Githa, who has been with us since we started up, keeping everywhere clean and nice, had a difficult situation. She did not come and tell us her self – NO WAY!… but we found out… 🙂

Ghita is living alone with her Salina who is as beautiful and charming as her mother. That’s a tough situation when you’re working as a cleaning lady in a country with no social support …  so of course it had an impact on Salinas education. No money for Salinas school. (Frankly speaking – Salina’s school is a problem).

We have decided to sponsor Salinas education and yesterday Thomas went with Ghita to Jorpati (outside Boudha) where Salina was enrolled in East Pole Higher Secondary School.

She starts today and we wish her GOOD LUCK!!

I'm ready!

Uniform, lunch, bus, administration fee.... bwarrrd..

Salina’s new school is an English speaking school. Very soon she’ll be fluent in English.

So when you see her around Tings – don’t hesitate to say hello to her – and if you have the time ask her about her school. That’s an excellent way to practice ones language skills and make new friends…

Thanks to all of you who have stayed with us and to all of you who visit Tings Tea Lounge and make this possible.

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