News from Tings Kitchen…

Breaking News! We have found Local RYE!

For those of you out there who are interested in what’s going on in our kitchen…. or whats to come one Tings menu… read on.

The new big bag of Rye flour is one of the biggest thrills Thomas’ has had in the kitchen for a very long time…

Our Danish/German friend and long term Kathmandu resident Bernd R. Pawlik came by the other day and told us about a small organic shop close to Kathmandu Scandinavian Link – The institute he runs together with his wife that sold rye from Mustang. Flour and whole grains.

What’s the big deal! …all the bread ignorants out there may think (not you of course).

The rest of us know how important RYE is if you want to make real Danish/German rye bread. In the two an a half years we have lived in Nepal we haven’t tasted real rye bread, pumpernickel or brown bread – unless our guests brought ryu from Europe.

The so called German bread bread you get in different expensive bakeries tagetting the tourists and foreign residents are a disgrace to real bread.

So right now Thomas is experimenting in the kitchen adding Tuborg Gold (malt surrogate), grains, wheat flakes and other goodies in order to make the perfect rye Bread.

An organic beauty without botox... 🙂

And another one pimped up with whole grains, Trentemoller (SoundCloud) and a lot of love...

He promise to have rye bread on the menu when Annette gets back from Copenhagen at the end of August…

Other entries on the up coming new menu


CoCo Pancake with Thai stuffing

Still work-in-progress. But at this time of writing Jit and his staff is so experienced in making this little wonder that our regular guests ask for it. Just like they did when started making our pizzas…

So today we made the decision of adding it on our menu.



Another New Entry on the new forth coming menu. It has been on our list far to long. But now it’s hear. It’s easy to make, very refreshing and very delicious when you get it with small slices of cheese/garlic bread and the small bottle of chili garlic olive oil.

The only negative thing are the prices on CousCous and olive oil. But who cares… we keep the same price as on our other veg. snacks.

Jit, Anni & Annette planning the new menu...

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