“The greatest thing about staying at this hotel was communicating with people…” (Katrina from Moscow)

Welcome to Tings

Angsana from Bangkok texted Thomas yesterday…

What’s so special about that?

Nothing really.

Except that she asked if Sascha and Sandra were still staying at Tings. And that’s special to us – her message is a perfect example of what Tings is about…  meeting people, exchanging business cards, networking, making friends etc.

I this case Thailand, Peru, Germany and Denmark befriended each others during a few days at  Tings in Nepal.

Tings is about people!

something we spend a lot of time and energy to tell everybody involved.

So can you imagine how it warmed our hearts when we read the new review Katrina from Moscow posted on TripAdvisor just after receiving  Angsana’s message.

It said:

The greatest thing about staying at this hotel was communicating with people. Annette and Thomas, the owners, and the whole team were so pro-active and friendly, giving me advices and recommendations of places to see, best directions, helping out with taxi and etc., so I had a great time in Nepal as a first time visit tourist. 

Not only does she like the food, our garden, the design etc. But to her the greatest thing about staying with us was communicating with people….  and getting friends. The essence of Angsana’s message

We like that 🙂

Read Katrina’s fantastic review here – the 17th excellent review out of 17 –  and from a colleague. Katrina works for Radisson in Moscow!!!

Inciting Oasis?

Being deeply involved in creating and continuously developing Tings it’s sometimes difficult for us to understand the enthusiasm and appreciation we get and feel from people – staying at the hotel or having a cup of tea in the lounge. We focus on the things we want to improve, the things we never finished and the things that went wrong during the construction 🙂

But after spending a couple of hours going through thousands of pictures from the previous 4 months we’re getting a pretty good idea why.

Have a look at this short video collage – doesn’t it look like an Inciting oasis. 

We hope it does – because that’s what we want to create in this crazy, chaotic  BUT charming city.


Annette & Thomas

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