What a morning!

Woke up to brown/red water out of the taps in some of our bath rooms. This is not dangerous – its only iron, but you don’t really feel like taking a shower and forget about brushing your teeth in it. It took Jit and Thomas 30 minutes to clean the tank – all guests got a clean and hot bath :-).

Thomas went straight from the water tank to the computer where he answered mails from two guests that don’t find the prices attractive enough to stay at Tings. Still he spent 30 minutes finding other accommodation for them…

Not the best way to start a day – but who cares when wonderful mails from ‘old guests’ and new friends keep clicking in on the mail…. Here are three new ones from a couple of hours ago…

Denmark WATCH OUT for Albert!
Marianne and Claus mailed us.

Albert Mahesh is in home in Denmark…finally.  After almost 3 weeks with us it’s about time the family gets a ‘normal’ life in their home in Lyngby.

Albert is a super cool guy whom we all miss a lot.

Claus, Marianne & Albert – good luck to you all from your friends at Tings!

A new fantastic review on TripAdvisor
Amazing hotel I did not want to leave!! writes our two new friends from Dhaka who left 3 days ago. Read the rest of the review here.

And an even better review…
I miss KTM already and plan to return on 17th Dec….writes Angsana. Our new friend from Bangkok.

A guest that returns is the best review we can get 🙂


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