Friday 20th august 2010 – Good morning to everyone.

A lot of people ask us about whom we want as guests @ Tings.

Well – it’s not that easy to describe.

We call our guests Free Individual Travelers. That does not mean people that have been on the road for ages and been every where.

People that are travelling and crossing borders mentally will automatically find their way to the Tea Lounge or The Lounge Hotel.

This morning however we found a real traveler we would like to invite for a cup of tea.

Szaza is a compulsive sketcher, tea drinker and Nomad as she writes on her blog: Harika

She’s nails what Kathmandu is all about in illustrations and in writing. Sometimes loose sketches creates an ambience better than photos. And Szaza masters the skill of capturing a moment on a Moleskin page.

What about this one…look at the impression on the French woman’s face. She does NOT like Tibetan Butter Tea!

Look and the French woman - does she like Tibetan Butter Tea?

My first Tibetan butter tea at Double Dorjee Restaurant in Boudha—yum!

More sketches from her Harika Blog here

Szaza is a member of Urban Sketchers – a wonderfull group of urban travelers (and potential guests @ Tings) where she recently posted a seria of impressions from Kathmandu that she doesn’t have on her blog.

There are some pretty good ones… especially the one where Szaza is …fixated on the unblinking eyes of Buddha on Boudhanath stupa, wondering if she’ll be so lucky to see the Himalaya with such heavy monsoon clouds

… to all of you that come buy during fall we’ll take you to the exact terase in Boudha and show you the Stupa with the Himalayan peaks in the background.


The construction is progressing fast. The front house is growing like Bamboo after the monsoon. And these days we are briefing up carpenters on Annette’s furnitures.

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