Sunday 15th August 2010

Two big things happend.

Our friend Rasmus returned from Copenhagen with a big bag of two important – NO essential – items we need for Tings.

Danish duvets and pillows for the cold season is a MUST. And you don’t get them in the same quality here. So dear future guests – now you have something to look forward to.  Of course it’s dbl. size – to improve the intimacy.

Duvets, pillows, bed linen etc are things you as a traveler only notice when they are not there OR the quality is so lousy that you rather sleep without them..

That is not the case with the second item Rasmus returned with. This is something people will notice. Our favorite tea pot made of wrought iron – this is going to be en essential part of Tings Tea Lounge.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Useful art

A piece of art - and very useful.

The second big event of the day – the biggest? – is this one:

Annette and Mr. Dhurga - our engenier from the Kathmandu municipality are checking that the northern wall of our new front house is placed according to the local plans.

The rebuilding of the front house has to be legal.

We can’t take any changes bending the rules that most locals do. So we have spend the 3½ weeks since the renovation of the original house was stopped by envious locals, making sure that our next steps are 100 % according to the regulations and plans for the neighborhood.

In that process Mr. Dhurga who is from the Kathmandu municipality has been a fantastic help – as our advisor and engenier, and the one who knows exactly what the Municipality can approve.

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