Monday 26th July 2010

A ‘big’ thing is happening i Lazimpat.

Desmond & Anthony aka Ramschakle Blues has been house musicians @ Lazimpat Gallery Cafe all the time we have been in town. To night the guys are playing @ Jazz Upstairs.

Desmond & Anthony - have they changed venue?

Some might think that this is a revolution – afte all, Lazimpat is a small village :-9

Bu we personally think it’s nice with some change – and actually, Jazz Upstairs is a much better venue for a band like Ramshackle Blues. We’ll check them out – all new initiatives needs support from us locals.

More cultural events this week: Thursday is the Monthly Documentary Night & Friday is movie night @ the Gallery Cafe.

The next 11 days Annette will be in Copenhagen – so Thomas will update Tings’ local insights by checking out all cultural offers, ‘new’ eateries, existing eateries etc.

So stay tuned!

BTW The house is growing fast. The loft apartment has got a roof and is almost surrounded by walls and windows. It will be the coolest flat in town. Annette is doing a fantastic job. Pix to come.

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