Sunday 26th July 2010 – Thomas baked his first bread.

Another highlight.

Thomas baked hist first bread. The idea – and ambition – is to be self-sufficient with all breads served @ Tings Tea Lounge.

Now that the oven finally works Thomas is experimenting with wheat flour, yeast, water and of course the different possibilities the owven provides.

The first bread we OK – but far from the standard he is used to make in Denmark. But very promising.

Tings first Nepalese home made bread saw the light of day Sunday 26th of July 2010.

Sis came by in the afternoon. It’s Teachers day – so she had the afternoon off.

Her part of the business is also moving in the right direction. She has now talked with all the different candidates for positions @ Tings and are very confident with 6 of them. So now she only ‘miss’ a cook – and that is a difficult one, since the person has to work closely together with Thomas and pick up all his recipes…

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