Friday 23rd July 2010 – Three breakthroughs!

Friday marks a new beginning.

We had a breakthrough in the the Front House saga.

The municipality office is no longer on strike. Our engineer came by with the office guy who signed the paper in front of Annette with the words: Tomorrow you can continue the construction…

Our big question now is whether we shall big the 2 rooms on the first floor OR not.

Money is running fast and none are coming in. Our feeling is to finish asap so we can get started and keep the first floor project  in the closet until we can see how the business will go in the future. Now that we have the approved drawings we can start anytime.

Any way, the approval marks a turning point. From now on its up to us and Ansari’s men to finish it all….we can’t blame bureaucrats for any delays. We like that.

We celebrated the big event by inviting everyone for and soft drink and home baked cake. The second breakthrough of the day is the stove that finally works

All approvals are in house - we celebrate with Thomas' first home baked cake made on our newly repaired stove + oven

Thomas made a good ol’ Danish Brunsviger – he has never don that before. Actually he never makes cake – and nobody knows why or how that came to his mind.

All morning the whole house was smelling of brown sugar which made all the workers very curious…  so Annette’s idea of celebrating the approval was brilliant and added the third breakthrough: The first party @Tings

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