Thursday 22nd July 2010

We didn’t imagine that it would be possible to get into more troubles that we have been through.

But it was.

Yesterday Annette fell and hurt her shoulder. Not badly but VERY painfully…

A very expensive photo

… the accident gave us 5 hours relaxation @ Ciwec Clinic – almost next door.

In Danish we have a saying: Nothing is as bad, as it isn’t good for something…

In this case we experienced how efficient and trustworthy a place as  Ciwec is – and they are only 5 minutes from our door and is open 24/7.

We also had an in depth experience with Sal’s Pizza – the legendary Bill brought his fantastic Pizzas personally along with the half full Tuborg Thomas forgot whilst stressing around not knowing what to do of himself while Annette was in serious pain waiting for the very skilled doctor to arrive and bring her shoulder back in shape….

… another day in then life of Tingstrups.

Adrian – please take a look @ the stars and tell us then we get out of the flow of bad luck that is surrounding us…

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