7th May 2010 – 6th day of the strike.

It’s funny.

Here in the 6th day of the strike the situation should be depressing and sad. The general mood among the young Maoists around Durbar Marg, Kanthi Path, Putali Sadak was very low when I passed them on my way back to Lazimpat from a very fruitful meeting yesterday afternoon with Education Sansar. It was raining cats & dogs!

But our spirit is HIGH!

Why you may think?

Because… Yesterday gave us so many signs that proved that we are on the right tracks with Tings. That even here in Kathmandu there is a need for a hub for the Free International Travelers (FIT’ers) – and like minded (Sudeep & Prakash will be regulars!!!). And that we are capable of attracting them. And more important: That we can help a little…

When I soaked my way down Lazimpat Road I got a call from Brendan.

I’m close to the British Embassy – what about coffee…

15 minutes later we were sitting together with him and Hillary enjoying one of Annette’s fantastic Illam Teas to tunes from Adderley (Somethin’ Else), Miles (Milestones), Beastie Boys, (The in sound from the way out) and Bugge Wesseltoft (Lone night in Paris).

Over the tea Brendan and Hillary asked us about our recommendations of where to go – what we’ve liked on our trips around Nepal. Exactly the same question Thomas from the Danish/Nepalese Society asked us the day before. He is preparing a visit with his family…

We gave them whatever we know. We recommended not only sights and places BUT also hotels AND rooms. (Here you may laugh BUT the right room can really make a difference!)

We don’t know if they will ever use our recommendations – and we don’t care. What makes us happy is that so many people come out of the blue and ask questions…

And we are NOT a travel agency and have no intentions of being so.

We have travelled the World, we have experience and we are Independent! We have no commitments to resorts, bus companies, restaurants etc.  The advices we give are about things we have experienced our self. We have stayed in the rooms, have had dinner in the restaurant, we have visited the location etc. Advices you NEVER get from Tour Operators.

This is important: We are NOT against Tour operators, Travel Agencies or organized tours. Their existences do help a lot of people getting away and having a wonderful time.

We just don’t like paying a fortune sitting in half empty hotels/resorts in the middle of nowhere, eating what is possible to get, looking at people we have nothing in common with, knowing that somewhere close by there is a village with other FIT’ers sharing experiences, books, music, drinks and love. And staying and eating better and cheaper.

This is the same all over the world.

We link to some of our recommendations in the right side of the top bar of this blog.

After Brendan’s call we got another call from Gaia and Louise. They have been ‘imprisoned’ in Gamcha since before the strike and were desperate to get back to Kathmandu. They had been waiting on the ring road for a ghost Bus that was supposed to come and pick them up and had tried everything to get away. We were obviously their last chance (hope).

It took us less than 30 minutes to get hold of one who could get through the watch posts and pick them up (The legendary Kathmandu Guesthouse could NOT help!!!)…  But right before our friend left Kathmandu Louise succeeded in paying a cab to take them. It was then after 6 pm where things get a little more relaxed.

So in less than 24 hours we managed to help a little in 3 different situations.

And we got pay back this morning when Hillary mailed us a link to a very interesting hotel in Buenos Aires (one of our favorite destinations – GO THERE!!!).

How do people find us – we don’t have a place yet, our websites is ‘under Construction’ and this blog:log is only a couple of weeks old, and has NOT been mailed out yet?

We really don’t know – except that we have a lot of friends around the world and our home has always been open to everybody. And then we have been active on the web for ages and use selected social network in our daily life…

And one more thing: We are not afraid of knocking on peoples doors.

When we arrived in Kathmandu we invited ourselves to a meeting at the Danish Embassy where we presented our thoughts, ideas, skills and experiences. That was a very fruitful idea – a lot of contacts originate from Finn, Helle, Cinzia. We really recommend giving the Embassy a call…

Brendan mailed me through A Small World and we’ll definitely get together again soon. And I get more and more calls/mails from other networks – and a lot of contacts from my Boys’ network: Bongorama.

Why all this nonsense on a Friday morning?

Because this is exactly what Tings is about: Meeting people and exchanging experiences.

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