6th May 2010 – 5th day of the strike!

It’s hard to get used to the silence – can’t in the morning. Normally you wake up to a horn in the distance. Now it’s just birds and cows and the sound from the water pumps.

We still enjoy the relaxed atmosphere caused by the Maoist strike.

So far it has been easy to get food, drinks, news papers and DVD’s (3 for 1 €). One very annoying thing though. It’s very difficult to meet friends. All bars and cafes are closed and private dinners are only possible if it’s with friends from the neighbourhood. No Taxis!

So our dinner appointment with Chirag and Khushbu is postponed till later…;-(

And all though everything is slow – we still manage to get things done. Thomas web business is in progress – OddNerdrum is entering the web 2.0 phase, two new projects are in the pipeline, Line is working on Tings web universe (We are desperate to shine-up this blog visually) and the content on this blog:log is improving by the day. Yesterday we added a location widget so it will be easy for people to find Tings and get an idea of the what Lazimpat has to offer.Check it out here.

BUT the biggest break through so far: Annette finished the architect’s drawing with her last comments and changes. We will post them on these pages as soon as we have them packed and posted on slide share ready to distribute, hopefully after our meeting with Ajun and the architect this evening.

So stay Tuned!

Three more important break throughs: Anders Eigen made the wall @ Det Lyserøde Hus, Scandia Housing has received the final contract and down payment from the new tenants in Købmagergade AND all the tax stuff is almost done. So SOON we have only one thing to focus on: TINGS TEA LOUNGE & TINGS LOUNGE HOTEL

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