Tuesday 20th 2010.

Wake up early.

A very strange feeling knowing this is the first day in our new life. The amount of tasks and projects we have to start ASAP is impossible to overview. We are at the point of no return…

Start my morning going through Annette’s presentation (it looks great) and making lists of tasks – but returns to focusing on the most important: Website, blog, FB, twitter etc. There are so many people out there that wants to know what is happening – friends, friends of friends, business relations etc that are important ambassadors…

We go to AD Factor and put up Annette’s new curtains – it looks super! Santosh likes them…

My skype meeting with Bjørn regarding the web 2.0 phaze of the Nerdrum project was postponed… he is too busy. So I work for a couple of hours on Ting’s web structure, brief up Prakash on our web needs (he promises to register all our names and we agree on using them as hosts etc.), make first draft to the website structure which we have to send to Line in CPH ASAP.

Back home the first reactions to Annette’s mail out and our FB postings start to click in on the computer… everybody loves it.

Our dinner appointment with Carl and Ann was cancelled – Carl has forgotten everything about it and is very busy making the deadline for his new video. Promise to call him back later this week with a new date. Suites us well – we actually need more the intimacy of close friends and call Walter and Rashmita, Rasmus and Vitus and Cinzia (couldn’t come) for a heavy Green Salad, Chicken, a delicious pasta and a ice filled bucket of Tuborg Gold, Carlsberg, Rose, Champagne and Juice.

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