Monday 19th April 2010: We signed!

The signing of the Contract

We have signed the contract! An event that marks a new beginning in our lives!. And the name is:

Tings Lounge Hotel

Tings Tea Lounge

The ‘event’ itself was very strange.  I don’t know why but compared to all the time and energy we have spent finding the house, it was as if someone had put a big sponge around us – a sponge that sucked up all our expressions.  Of course the signing itself is a very clinical thing – the owner’s are handing over their home through many years to two foreigners from a far away country called Denmark, foreigners that are planning to spent a fortune in turning their house and home into something even more unknown. It must be weird. Our witness – and dear friend – Vivek does his best to spread some good vibes… he manage well. It was a good idea to get a Nepali witness instead of one of our Danish friends.

After signing all the papers a fairy went through the room. It’s as if ending the act of signing closes the door to all the legal stuff that is necessary, but that everybody hates (except for the lawyers). And when we hand over the cheque with the down payment, smiles appears on everybody’s faces – and even the house itself sends some positive vibes through the walls.

We are in business!

We have not planned anything for celebration! Nothing at all – which is very unlike us. But a bad momo disease had forced me to bed for a couple of days and we wasn’t really sure if partying was ‘safe’. We decided to celebrate over a drink in Bhumi and eat at home. So far a chilled Tuborg hasn’t killed anybody 🙂

In the bar we meet our two friends from Ghorka – a good sign. I want us to sell Tuborg Strong – a beer that is only available in Terrai. With it’s high kick value it is a low profile beer mostly for alcoholics. BUT the beer is one of the best in the world. In Denmark it was the Carlsberg Management’s special Christmas Gift to business relations, The Royal Family, friends… there it’s called Royal Danish.

Tuborg Strong is the perfect alternative to a glass of wine and goes super with the Asian kitchen. But sad it looks so ‘poor’.

Back home we call friends and family and tell them about everything… Annette works on a brief first visual presentation of the house as it looks NOW – a presentation only for friends and family in DK. They have followed us patiently through years and several of them are waiting only for this to jump on a plane…


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