The Idea

Tings is about people – about travelers and explorers to be more exact.

As experienced travellers we know what travelling is about and believe that we know what fellow travelers/explorer/globetrotters need when they visit big cities. And how important the accommodation is for the overall experience of the travel.

How often haven’t we enjoyed the comfort of a business hotel after a hard day’s work, just to find ourselves longing for the charm and character you find in smaller and often more basic backpackers hangouts. The kind of places that attract the international travelling crowd and likeminded locals.

With Tings we want to create the perfect ambiance where the free individual travellers stay and meet. A place where convenience and comfort meets character and consideration.

In other words Tings is an oasis for travelers and explorers with attitude. An oasis where we – Annette & Thomas – can enjoy the company of like minded, interplay and develop new friendships. Very egoistic :-)

Tings is is a small lounge hotel that focus on traveler’s needs for comfort and relaxation and where travelers meet and exchange experiences, connect or just do nothing.

It is also a tea lounge where other travellers on-the-road, and ‘mental’ travellers can relax, interact and exchange information, opinions, knowledge and experiences. Or have a meeting or work for a couple of hours if the purpose of your travel is business.

Tings has been part of our lives for several years – but opened physically in March 2011.

The Charity Aspect

Our Inspiration

The Founders

The House

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Belly, forgot to mention that we also have our ‘luxury backpacker’-room at 15 usd available (also twin). It has private bath, but not en-suite.
    If you would like to stay at Tings – even though we don’t have airport pick-up service tonight – you can give us a call at (+977) 9808 05 9927 and our staff can explain the taxi-driver how to reach us.


  2. Hi Annette
    i want to know if there’s still available room for check in september 10- check out september 12 ?
    Me and my friend prefer for the cupboard room but if it’s not available then other room also ok.

    Waiting for your reply

    Thank you
    Best regards


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