Tings is one of the 10 best cafes in Kathmandu!

Being a foodie myself, I love to try different cuisines and dine at the latest hotspots.

I prefer to abide by recommendations from a local instead of using TripAdvisor. In fact, according to The Times it has been estimated that a third of the TripAdvisor reviews are fake.

As a writer and a resident of Kathmandu, I would like to present to you my top 10 of the best cafes in Kathmandu.

Alex Wrigley Spend Life Traveling

I would lie if I said that a #10 chart doesn’t make me happy!

What a fantastic morning. Just been checking the updates on my social networks. An BINGO – this one hit my eyes:

Tings Tea Lounge tops at 6 on this super website

After almost 10 years in Kathmandu our small oasis in Lazimpat still tops the list of the best restaurants and cafes in Kathmandu… isn’t it amazing!?

And the list & review is NOT from TripAdvisor or any of the other established and popular OTA’s (online travel agencies) that are so easy to fake/manipulate that you really can’t use their recommendations.

We didn’t know anything about this review!

We get invitations at least once a week from bloggers who wants to stay and/or eat at Tings Kathmandu or Tings Lisbon and ‘pay’ by writing about us – which we never do. We didn’t know anything about the review – or Sanne or Alex for that matter. This one just popped up on our Facebook wall 🙂 🙂 🙂

So this one is 100 % real and honest and obviously reliable.

A million thanks and a very good day to Sanne and Alex – love your inspirational blogs!!!.

And to Dorje & her fantastic staff at Tings Kathmandu and the rest of the world…

Lots of love & Compassion from Sunny Lisbon!



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