MoMo Mania at Tings

Yesterday we made 800 Momos for our guests

There is an exception to every rule.

Like yesterday where we made one for a group of guests who returns to Tings every year.

Like their previous stays Dorje, Sanjeet and the rest of the team made an exception to our non-local-food-policy and prepared a local treat: This year it was home-made Momos. Last night the kitchen made 800 pieces with ajar and everything. 

momos 2

Yesterday we made 14 of these trays 🙂


We hear from Kathmandu at least once everyday day.

Yesterday we didn’t which was a bit strange was very strange. When we received the Momo photos in our morning messages we understood why 🙂

Hope the Dorje and her team compensate for this silence by sending extra messages and photos when they go out and get a well desreved Christmas dinner. Next year we hope that we can join them.

Good-morning-love from Lisbon

Annette & Thomas, Tings Lisbon (We Want Momos!!!!)

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