Dashain &Tihar are our favorite times of the year!

Dashain & Tihar are the best time of the year to visit Kathmandu!


All are very busy getting our beautiful garden ready for Dashain and Tihar. Maybe except for Ally 🙂



Just skyped with Annette who is at Tings Kathmandu while I’m at Tings Lisbon. 

She has been working in the garden cutting down our bushes, trees & flowers that grows wildly as always after the monsoon that not only change everything into an oasis of colors and fragrances – the monsoon also wash away all the dust that covers the whole city.

Singa Durbar Kathmandu Republica.jpg

Besides spreading all the joy and happiness Dashain also empties the city because the majority of people living in Kathmandu returns to their villages. leaving the streets empty and the sky blue and clear. This is Singa Durbar yesterday – see the photo feature in yesterday’s Republica


We have a tradition at Tings – we celebrate Dashain with good food and tikas

This year is the first time ever we’re not together in Kathmandu for Dashain. Miss all our friends and kids – but will look forward to coming back next year

Annette gives T a Tika

From last year’s Tika – this year Annette will give Tikas without me. 


Happy Dashain



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