5 Things Tourist Are Shocked To See In Nepal :-)

That’s also what makes a travel to Nepal so fantastic

A few years ago my mother visited us in Kathmandu. Having traveled since the beginning of the 60s the chaos she faced her once out of the airport wasn’t a shock to her.

But her friend Arne was paralyzed. Seeing the touts, the cows, the dirt, the traffic and strange colors shocked him so much that it took him two days to leave our garden and get into the Kathmandu vibe.

After a few more days he enjoyed it all – including all the sounds, the smells, the pollution and all the holes in the streets.

And that’s exactly what happens to westerners who visit a country like Nepal for the first time.

They LOVE the chaos!

So if you’re planning to come to Kathmandu don’t let Sujan Pariyar’s post about things that shock westerners who visit Nepal for the first time frighten you. The chaos is what makes your trip something special – and an experience you will share with your friends for the rest of your life…

Add to the chaos all the fantastic people you will meet. As Sujan writes: Nepalese people will be the kindest people you will ever meet.

See you in Kathmandu



Kathmandu 2000.jpg

Where on Earth are we…? Annette in Kathmandu in the off-line age trying to locate us. Today the scenery is our life and – after having been in Portugal for 6 months starting up Tings Lisbon – something we miss a lot.


Inxchan Logo.jpgIf you are from Europe or in fact, a western country in general, traveling to Asia is a completely different and mind-blowing experience.

Not to offend anyone but if you are European or Westerner, you might feel you are quite a few years back in time from now.But the experience you will get from Asia will last for a long time and it might just change your way of living and your perspective to see things differently.

See the 5 Things Tourists are shocked to see in Nepal and book your tickets 🙂


(I’m sure visiting Denmark for the first time was as big shock for Dorje as it was for Arne. What a scary and frightening experience it must have been to see all the stress, cleanliness & serious Danes)

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