Nepal – Best Travel Destination in 2017

A few weeks Lonely Planet nominated Nepal as No.1 best value destination for 2017.

High altitude mountaineer and adventurer Gavin Bates blogs about How Nepal Became One Of Lonely Planet’s Top Travel destinations for 2017 (And Why It Feels Like It’s Finally The Country’s Time To Shine) in Huffington Post.

Boudha Leila Hafzi.jpg

In 2014 our friend and designer Leila Hafzi shot her collection on various locations in Nepal: See her Resham Firiri Collection here

Huffington Post.pngIn recent years, a new breed of adventure tourism has also sprung up, that capitalises on the country’s natural resources.

For example, there is superb rafting on the rivers that that flow through Nepal from the tops of the Himalayas to the flood plains of Northern India., as well as world-class bird watching, mountain biking, hot air ballooning, spiritual journeys, yoga retreats and much more.

Read Gavin Bates super story on Huffington Post

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