kar.ma coffee in Lalitpur tells their story in a new webzine.

We know – Tings Tea Lounge is about tea. And not only tea from Nepal – but some of the best teas from all over the world.

So the amount of coffee we sell is very limited. But we do have kar.ma coffee on our menu 🙂


jt1_9218drip-cupskar.ma was founded in August of 2011 by Birgit Lienhart who  worked in the Gyan Mandala building as a consultant.

She observed that the people who worked and passed through the building followed the same routine every day: come to the building, do your business, and leave. There was barely any interaction.

One day in conversation with a friend and owner of the building she worked in, Birgit posed a question, half-jokingly: What would happen if she gave all of the people in the building coffee and a place to interact?

Her friend offered up some benches and a corner if Birgit brought the coffee, and that’s what she did. She brought a camper stove, coffee and set herself up in the corner waiting for people to pass by. The experiment went so well, Birgit, who was already eager to make a career change, took over one of the spaces in the building.

kar.ma coffee was born. There was no clear vision of where kar.ma was going to go, only that the walls of the shop would be painted of cow dung and mud. Now, it is a coffee shop, a boutique selling unique and beautiful handicrafts, the home of hand tailored mango wood furniture, and most importantly, it is a place to come and connect with others.

From Kar.ma Coffee’s website


We love the story behind kar.ma coffees business. How it happened, how it took off and what it has become.

kar.ma coffee is a super concept with international potential  based on local resources. A project that shows the power of dedication & passion combined with energy & hard work – and more important: Focus. Ingredients that are very rare in Nepal where most business’ driving forces are how to get a program to fund you.

If you are in Kathmandu and haven’t been to kar.ma coffee we really suggest you visit their place and have a coffee. And if you are on the way – remember to combine your visit to Patan with a visit.


Check out kar.ma coffee’s new webzine

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