Jessica says: “One of my favorite hotels in the world”

I have stayed here many times, and ate my breakfast or dinner here two to three times per week when I lived in KTM.

Read Jessica’s review here


“The food, the decor and the wonderful staff – all of these things are top notch at Tings”.

Jessica says she has stayed with us several times…  guess she must be one of the NGO’s that travel to Nepal frequently.

When she stays somewhere else she returns to Tings several times during the week… she likes our food – as she writes: Delicious fresh baked bread, hard to find European delights (such as capers and feta cheese) and the best breakfasts in the city.

Thanks a lot to Jessica – hop to see her at Tings Lisbon when we open in 2017.

And to all at Tings – prepare yourself for the biggest hugs you can dream of when we return to Tings Kathmandu very soon 🙂

Lots of Love from Lisbon

Annette & Thomas



This is how all at Tings takes care of our cats – so imagine what they do to the guests 🙂


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