In case you don’t now what Tings is about… READ ON

Have look at the picture above

Last week I saw an update on Aditya’s Facebook wall: Travelling to Stavanger Norway. One of the automatic updates you post when you check in at a location. Like Aditya did when he left Oslo by train from Oslo Central Station.


Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg, Germany


Aditya is one of the friends that has entered our lives since we opened Tings in Kathmandu. He was part of the first Tings Art group show NoNameNoThemeJustArt we did with Nepalese artists back in 2013. He was part of Tings Art’s big break through: Prasad@Tings back in 2014. And when Aditya was  chosen together with 10 other artist from different countries to the Viborg International Billboard Festival in 2015, he became the first Nepalese artist we have helped to the European art scene because of his talent as an artist – and not as part of an NGO or government funded program.


Stavanger Skateklubb Stavanger, Norway


Adytia is back in Europe – this year he got invited by Millerntor Gallery in Hamburg. He used his 3 months Schengen visa to return to  Copenhagen where he worked with artist friends of ours. Now he is in Stavanger where he just finished a fantastic wall at Stavanger Skateklubb and did the door at a local hip bar, Hanekam owned by Tom Kjørsvik who took the initiative to paint all the houses in different colors in the very popular so called Fargegaten or Color Street.


Stavanger Hanekam, Door, Adytia.jpg

Adytia’s door at Hanekam in Stavanger, Norway. at 


Leila Hafzi is another friend of ours

and another friend we have met at Tings Kathmandu, where she stayed the first time in 2013, when she went with the photo crew to shoot the campaign for her Royaye IV ‘Flying Silk’ collection.

She is a designer who does the most stunning dresses. And when you see this video you will agree with us. Leila does Art.



Leila lives in Stavanger – she knows the people behind the Skate Club and the owner of Hanekam. The places where Aditya created his art. It’s not a coincident.

Leila met Aditya at Tings. And last week they celebrated Aditya’s works in Stavanger.


Aura Progressive Pop Poetry @ Smukfest, Skanderborg Denmark


A few weeks ago we saw Aura doing her fantastic Power Pop Poetry

We we’re introduced to her by Sophus Ritto who masterminded the state of the art event: Limbo Nepal back in 2015 (where Aditya was involved). Sophus is a frequent guest at Tings Kathmandu – last Christmas he brought Aura who stayed with us with all her colors and fantastic music for 2 weeks. Aura is a close friend of Stephen Freiheit – another of our the good friends from Tings Kathmandu – and one of the great artist that have exhibited his works at Tings Art.

On our way back to Copenhagen from Smukfest we visited Stephen and his partner Thomas Kurek who runs the Art & Culture venue Anexet – Thomas had made the most delicious cake we’ve ever tasted – he promised to teach our kitchen in Kathmandu how to make it when he visits us again in October.


And more friends from our Tings universe.

During this visit we got a call from a friend of ours. She is a TV Producer and she needed contacts for a project she is doing in Nepal. We introduced her to Murray Kerr whom we helped to Copenhagen with his award wining Nepalese movie Sick City back in 2013.

Yesterday we picked up Rosemary Selig at Lisbon Airport. She did the wonderful photo exhibition Tinted Glory at Tings back in 2013. She is considering moving to Lisbon and needs help and contacts.

In a couple of weeks we will have lunch with Beata from Holland –  another friend from Tings Kathmandu and a fellow art lover – the person who knows most about Nepalese contemporary art and the one we always contact for information and advice. Check out her Nepal Now Project.

The Frogs


And coming  Friday our very talented artist MZN Shrawan has his second exhibition in Kathmandu. Before his Tings Art exhibition of sculptures Follow the Frogs in March 2016 – he was completely unknown in Nepal. Now his fantastic sculptures will be exhibited in one of the leading galleries Taragaon Museum.


When we made the business plan for Tings we wanted to create an oasis, a hub, for the free individual traveler.

A place where business people meet musicians. Where the free traveling spirits meet each other and performing artists.

It’s very rare we have the chance to follow the results of our efforts since we opened our doors.

But after going through last months calendar we noted the following:

We connected with Aditya, we connected with Leila and Leila connected with Aditya, and now she has helped Aditya connecting with her friends in Stavanger. And Thomas helps Leila with some web stuff from Tings Lisbon… We connected Aditya with Sophus who introduced us to Aura who invited us into her super musical universe. Her friend Stephen and his partner Thomas runs the Art Venue Anexet where we were briefly involved in the strategy and where Aditya has been residence artist and Sophus just hav had a super art project. Thomas will teach our kitchen in Kathmandu how to make his magical cake. Our Danish Producer friend gets help from our British producer friend who lives in Kathmandu…etc. etc. etc. 


We don’t have a word for all this. The closest is Branding. But ours is just so much more -like the web of connections and situations described above – and this ‘web’ of connection is only from the past 5 weeks….

If someone asks us how we ‘do’ it it will be difficult to tell… To live is the closest we can think of for now.

And don’t ask us about our salary LOL – unless friends are included in this ‘term’.

Unconditional love to all

Annette & Thomas

Lisbon, Portugal



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