News from Tings Tea Lounge – 2 new teas you’ve never tasted before!

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Teas from the Azores

Since we opened Tings Tea Lounge back in 2010 we have not only encouraged our guests to taste the best of the best local teas hand picked in Ilam by Annette. We have also introduced a whole range of never-tasted-before-in-Nepal-teas brought home from our many travels.

Two weeks ago we just returned from Tings Lisbon with two very rare teas. Teas from the only two Tea Estates in Europe. Both estates are on San Miguel on the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and the teas are again handpicked by Annette.



The Porto Formoso Estate

is the smallest of the estates. They have 3 grades of black tea: Broken, Pekoe, and Orange Pekoe, which is considered the finest tea, only using the top leaves.

We chose the middle one – the pekoe –  with a fantastic bouquet. When brewed it has a light golden color and a dry and slightly earthy aftertaste. It’s very delicious – and in our opinion with more character than the subtle Orange Pekoe.



The Chá Gorreana Estate

is the most famous, and the green tea is considered the best, so we had to bring that as well.

It’s a very pleasant green tea of broken leaves – fruity and dry at the same time, with no touches of bitterness.

To be honest, even though the green Gorreana is considered the best, I prefer the black Pekoe from Porto Formoso.

Annette about our new teas at Tings Tea Lounge.



Come by Tings and taste a cup of one of them, or both.

One medium pot NRP 150,00

Read about our tea lounge and see our menu of super quality teas here.

REMEMBER: you can always get an extra refill.



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