Our friends Deadline & H11235 join forces at Kathmandu’s leading Gallery

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Big SHOUT OUT to Shraddha and Kiran for their exhibitions Holy Head Space & Life is that opened yesterday.

You deserve your success 🙂

Yesterday we went to the opening of Holy Head Space & Life Is by our friends Shraddha Shrestha (aka Deadline) and Kiran Marhajan.

We med Shraddha when she was part of our first art exhibition with local artists. The group show NoNameNoThemeJustArt back in 2012.

The following year she and Kiran we’re part of the very successful Prasad@Tings exhibition. Our second StreetArt@Tings exhibition and the first Nepal with Nepalese artists only.



If you are in town – don’t miss the exhibition

Since then we have followed their careers on the local art scene – a career that peaked yesterday with their joined show at Siddharta Art Gallery 

We love you both and look forward to follow you where ever your art may take you.


Annette & Thomas


output_AlDsb8Tings loves art and supports young talent.

Since our opening we have arranged more than 40 workshops, art exhibitions,  film festivals, TV Documentaries, music events and artist management through our Art@Tings setup. In Nepal as well as the rest of the world. All funded by ourselves and all sales going directly to the artists.

On Friday 22nd we introduce a young and unknown Nepalese artist who just returned from India where he has been studying art the last 4 years:

Don’t miss Follow The Frogs by MZN Shrawan    


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