NG’s Poignant Pictures of Death Rituals shows a site of Nepal unknown to most people.

Poignant Pictures of Death Rituals

National Geographic just published feature with selected photos from our friend Klaus Bo’s Dead and Alive Project.

After traveling the world several times and living in Asia the last 7 years we don’t understand why Death is such a huge taboo in the west. As Klaus Bo says: It’s the one thing that we definitely have in common all over the world, that we’re going to die.



Poignant Pictures of Death Rituals

For the past several years, photographer Klaus Bo has documented how different cultures deal with death in his ongoing Dead and Alive Project.

His aim is to document at least 15 distinct death rituals, including ones from all five major religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism)—a goal he admits will likely take “the rest of my life.”



Timal Region east of Kathmandu.

Of course we understand the sorrow people feel when friends and relatives leave this life.

But we can also see the beauty in the rituals that surrounds the death. In a lot of cultures The Last Rite is just as important as baptism & marriage.

If you don’t understand what we mean check out Klaus’ photos on National Geographic’s website.


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