We don’t mind sharing our recipes – this is how we make our burgers.

Its burger day today

Burger -chopped onions.jpg

The Classic Burger w. cheese. An NO onion rings – as our house guest chef Claus – Karma Man says. Chop the onions so you spread the taste in each bite. All homemade incl fries: 450,00 NRP


Its very easy to make your own burger. There are only 3 steps.

1 Never buy frozen meat!!!

We only buy from our trusted butcher – and before 7:30 am Saturday mornings.

The crazy thing is that the price per kg is the same whether you buy the tenderloin or sirloin or “Nepalese Cuttings” 🙂

What’s interesting is that people says that Buffalo tastes better that the beef we get in Europe…

Buff Tenderloin.jpg

The tenderloin – fresh and just cleaned.


We minch the buff ourselves.jpg

We chop the tenderloin ourselves – the only guarantee we have that the mincer is clean 🙂


2 Never buy pickled cucumbers. Like the buns and the other important toppings – make them yourself

The burger bun is a religion… it took us 6 months to get ours as we want them 🙂

While writing this post the buns were baking in the oven

The buns is a religion... it took us 6 months to get ours as we want them :-)

While writing this post the buns were baking in the oven

Salad from farmers market

Salad from farmers market

The local ketchup you get everywhere is the closest you get to poison. So why spoil the super ingredients we use with the red substance food ignorants call ketchup... so if we can’t get Heinz we don’t make burgers. Its as simple as that.



OK – we can’t afford to buy mayonnaise – so we make it ourselves. But more important – you can’t buy decent mayo in Nepal

Of course we make our own pickled cucumbers – we just don’t have a picture of them.


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