For the 6th year in a row Tings is The Travellers Choice


When we opened our doors to the first guests in 2011 people said Forget about it

We wanted a place with fixed prices, a restaurant without Nepalese Food at all, an all day breakfast with our own home baked bread served with only a few, but high quality items, and plenty of everything…

Further more..

We didn’t have any experience at all, we hired young people without any experience and/or education from a Hotel Management College and told them that we would only be there full time for a year – then it was their the responsibility to run the place.

Further more…

We say no to be in Guide Books, we don’t accept groups, travellers can only book directly via e-mail and we accept all nationalities (including Nepalese guests – most other places don’t).


After the first 6 months Tripadvisor told us we were Travellers Choice 2011.

Last week we got the same message from Tripadvisor – Congratulations for being Traveller’s Choice 2016.

The 6th year in a row!

This is ONLY possible because of the talent, responsibility and hard work from Dorje – our manager, boss and partner – and the rest of our fantasic team.

Love to everybody from Lisbon where we’re setting up the next Tings – Tings Lisbon.

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