Happy New Year to all our friends & Guests

2015 has been a very difficult year, but we’re privileged to have a lot of friends and guests that makes it possible for us to give a helping hand to a few of the victims from the Earthquake. Many of them live under very difficult conditions due to the mismanagement of the international relief funds that still haven’t reached the destroyed villages.

Deep into the winter, thousands of earthquake victims have been largely left to fend for themselves in the cold. Many of them have fallen ill; some have even died. The government’s measure to provide support to earthquake victims has been woefully inadequate. Kathmandu Post today.

Tatopani - blankets and madresses


On Christmas day The local papers wrote about 8 villagers who froze to deaTH

We know we’re only small players in the bigger game, but instead of doing nothing, we decided to ask around in our network to see if we could help.

Our friends from Nepal Rises told about Quake Volunteers. They we’re looking for sponsors for 95 villagers in Tatopani who desperately needed protection for the cold nights.

We discussed it with Dorje who immediately decided to get involved.

She went to the market to buy heavy blankets and managed to negotiate a good discount so she had money to get mattresses as well.

Yesterday she went to Tatopani to hand over the blankets and mattresses to each of the villagers personally. That way you can be sure that the relief reach the people in need.

Tatopani - blankets and madresses (6)


After the last stop we went up to the hills about half and hour where the villagers are living temporarily after the earthquake (and some of them are still in their own village). All villagers walked down and we went up to the middle where we distributed the blankets and mattresses on their hand by one by one.

But the villagers are so happy and Thanks us. Some of them saying that they got donation before – but some people will get a lot and some didn’t get at all. But I saw that they all are so happy and Thanks to everybody. Dorje on our messenger last night

Tatopani - blankets and madresses (3)



The situation iN Nepal is worse than ever

After the Earthquake and the following monsoon – while the international Charity Industry more or less collapsed, not being able to provide any aid – the last 4 months blockade of the Indian Border has forced the country down on its knees,

We have NO gas and petrol. The electricity is worse than ever with only 12 hours electricity pr day when it works (last week the local transformer station was burned down for 4 days) The internet is slow and unstable when it works. Restaurants have limited menus, banks are having problems running the ATMs and the black market is booming…

So travelling to Nepal these days is combined with a lot of ‘obstacles’.

Still everybody are doing their utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We cook over firewood, manage to bake our bread every morning and still have a wide selection in the menu. Due to the lack of gas we have no heaters in the rooms, but we have down duvets and hot water bottles, and we have put up an extra fireplace in the lounge and heat up all day. .. Still we get complains about water, cold, menus.

Tatopani - blankets and madresses (7)


So next time you’re thinking about complaining – think about the villages Dorje just visited.

Compared to them, you live in paradise.

Annette & Thomas (currently in Lisbon)



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