Yesterday we celebrated Tika Day

Dashain 2015 17a

It took us somE years to get used to The Tika Tradition

Now its one of the Dashain traditions we enjoy  – but only when it’s ‘performed’ privately like yesterday where we ‘did it’ in the garden behind the Kitchen…


One of the easiest traditions to get used to was all the excellent food. On Tika day we serve Nepalese food only (the only day of the year!)…

And we make plenty of it. Both in terms of number of dishes and quantity of food. We want to be prepared for unexpected visits from friends and families who drops by during the day.

And we also want to have enough left overs for breakfast, lunch and hopefully dinner the day after (TODAY)


So with these very few photos ofyesterday’s fantastic food & friends and a BIG SHOUT OUT to our dear family (staff & regular guests)  and MUCH BIGGER F*** YOU to the persons behind Nepal’s miserable situation we will now enjoy a little in-between-breakfast-and-dinner-snack and looking forward to see more friends today.

Lots of love

Annette & Thomas


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