The 2nd phase of our shelter project starts NOW!

We’ve donated and distributed medicine and medical support, tons of rice and more than 500 tarps for immediate and temporary shelter throughout the crucial time of crises – donating directly to people rescued from Langtang and to the village of Jiri as well as working with and through organisations like Nepal Rising, The Yellow House and Helter Shelter.


Earth Bag House


Now we focus on sustainable solutions

Now we are moving into more sustainable, long term shelter solutions and have decided to give all support through Helter Shelter, who has already made a lot of  research, budgeting and planning, now coming to fruition.

The driving forces behind are close friends we’ve known, worked and more or less lived with since we arrived in Kathmandu 2009.


  • Helter Shelter collaborates with a number of people to build affordable, sustainable and earthquake resistant structures using the earth-bag technique. Through Helter Shelter we are going to build our first prototype house in the coming weeks.
    There is a big group forming of people interested in this innovative technology and everyone is coming together to work more efficiently and collaboratively.
  • Helter Shelter has agreed to help project managing this rebuilding process to ensure effective use of donations and a rapid acceptance of these resilient structures by the locals in the most affected areas.
  • Helter Shelter will be working with local media, trainers and governments and they will setup a feedback and engineering inspection system to help and guide builders.

Our role

We (Thomas & Annette) can’t build or construct. And we have no experience in relief and/or Charity work.

  • What we do is helping things to happen.
    By raising funds, by telling the world about the situation, by pulling strings and by getting involved where we can.We have lived in this crazy country for more than 6 years and started up business without support from organisations, embassies, programs or HR organisation. So we know our ways and have good friends 🙂


Earth Quake ReBuildPost


Thanks to all of you around the world who have made it possible to support a huge range of relief projects in the crucial first weeks after the earthquake.

Wish we could share the feed back we have received from people – through mails, phone calls, FB messages, through friends returning from the villages and in the first days after the quake – through peoples eyes.


How to donate

DK and other Eupopean residents:

Pay directly to our Support Account in Denmark:

Bank: Finansnetbanken
Account holder: Toga Care Aps
Account number: 6610    2860757
or IBAN DK0566100002860757

UK & US residents:

Donate directly to UK or US accounts:

  • Mail Miranda Morton Yap for details: for deets
    (donations sent to either account are currently not incurring transaction fees).


Miranda Morton Yap:



We work for free – and no overheads.

We try to update daily.


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