How music helps Helter Shelter with 14,000 US for their Earth Bag Houses.




Even though music is the driving force in almost all we do its impossible to highlight a specific project or situation where you can say: This is only happening because of MUSIC.

For the first time in many years I now have a case that only exist because of my love for music.

2 weeks ago I didn’t know that we had friends in Brooklyn, I haven’t heard about PictureFarm and I didn’t imagine that I would chat with Yvonne in NY i the middle of the night from my bed in Lisbon.



If it wasn’t because of my love for music I would never have listened to and blogged about Den Sorte Skole on my personal blog. And if I hadn’t done that I would never have had the dinner in Myanmar with Martin talking about starting up Turning Table in Kathmandu.

And if that didn’t happen Martin would never have had a chance to connect us with Yvonne, Mi Escuelita and all the other soul brothers and soul sisters in Brooklyn who wanted to help with the relief projects in Nepal and got all their friends together this Saturday for this fantastic event:


I am not saying that PictureFarm wouldn’t have raised the 14,000 US if it wasn’t for us. NOT AT ALL.

I’m just pointing out that if it wasn’t for the music I would never have had the privilege & pleasure to connect and help them out with their efforts.

So because of this fantastic musical master piece – HelterShelter now has the possibility to kick start the upcoming Earth Bag Project.

In all this misery its important to notice & enjoy the smaller things that hits you from out of nowhere

Like waking at 6 am this morning to this message Yvonne posted 5 hours earlier in New York.



ABOUT OUR NEPAL SUPPORT THROUGH Tings Tea Lounge & Tings Lounge Hotel.

Dear friends – We are so privileged that our friends still wants us to share their support to relief projects in Nepal.

Yesterday Yvonne Gonzalez / Picture Farm in NY collected money. And money are still coming in from friends and guests at Tings.

This gives us new possibilities for supporting.We will now focus on more permanent and sustainable support. Right now we’re looking into supporting Helter Shelter Earthbag Rebuild Nepal and others building Earth Bag Houses. — with Carla Robertson and 3 others at Picture Farm.

Such an amazing Day !!thanks thanks Gracias Gracias to all the wonderful sponsors, workers, friends, musicians, families that came yesterday Picture Farm, to contribute to help the people from Nepal!!!!

I never felt so warm and fuzzy with all the generosity and LOVE!!

We were able to raise almost $!4 K!!! All funds will be given to Helter Shelter to buy tents to provide Shelter to our friends and family in Nepal!! — with Martin Fernando Jakobsen and 19 others at Picture Farm.


Love & Compassion


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