Earthquake Relief Run #5 to Jiri just returned to Kathmandu.

Relief Run #5 to Jiri in Dholaka District

 – approx 180 kms 8-9 hours from Kathmandu.

Jiri i Dholokha is pretty much wiped out by the 2nd Earthquake while the 3rd Earthquake finished off the ‘tumbling downs’.

The photos below (Click picture for slide show) were taken on the way to Jiri. A long and tiring journey, made more bearable by a Mahindra Scorpio, driven by two of the best drivers on the Kathmandu Jiri Route, Lama Dai and Ram Bhai.

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In the brown Scorpio, our Nursing Team, 3 ladies from Jiri itself, lead by Jasmaya Jirel, in whose garden we ate rice 1.5kms above Jiri Bazar, also a cousin brother of Mithun Jirel, it seems almost everyone one in Jiri is called Jirel.

Mithun’s father and mother hosted out short stay, together with Mithin’s elder brother, Santosh Jirel.

Mithun works at Tings Tea Lounge, over 75% of the aid for this relief run came through Tings Tea Lounge’s guests and friends from all over the world.

3,00,000 NRps on Tarpaulins
87,000 NRps was spent on rice. (19% of the budget)
68,000 NRps on Transport.

We gave the Hospital Canteen 4 sacks of Rice and the Dairy Farm workers 1 sack of rice.

In the white Sorpio, mysellf, David de Vries , Stine Trolle, Leonora-Simone Wallin Mahler of Denmark (in the fetching golden Kurtah), Shishir Sharma, and Mithun Jirel himself.

Our mission was to set up a health camp, and distribute rice and large tarpaulins to over 145 families in the Jiri Municipality, specifically the locale of villages above the valley on the western side. A 30kg sack of rice allotted to two families. 3 kg per person. Perhaps 3 or 4 days rations.


“Which Agency, Which NGO?”

In closing I should add, that we’re so often asked Who we are? Which Agency, Which NGO?

We have decided to identify ourselves as the The International Independent Relief Team

No T Shirt yet.

Peter Francon


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