I don’t know if this is an update… it’s a few cut-ups from my correspondence the last 20 hours.

Sunday 10 May – text from Shishir

We are again going to the village with drones and army tent  (still yet to confirmed )..

Can you again give us some more money if you have ??

Of course we can – we have seen these guys in action and know what they are capable of doing.

What do you need?

30,000 to buy rice @ 1,150 per sack

What you think?

I had absolutely no clue about what I was thinking.

We just arrived in Lisbon. A week later than planned. But due to the Earthquake Saturday 25th we cancelled our meetings a week before – we couldn’t leave our staff at Tings. We needed to be with them.

After two weeks since the fatal earthquake we felt that it was OK to leave – we have other things to attend to. And our role in the support is in many ways easier to do outside Nepal.

One more thing – our involvement in various independent relief projects had reached a level where we have to rethink. We have absolutely NO experience in charity work – and after 6 years in Kathmandu we actually hate it. But the combination of watching the whole international charity industry sitting on their hands doing nothing while Nepal was falling apart and the hundreds of mails and messages we got from friends and guests from all over the world insisting on donating money forced us to look for ways to make ourselves useful.

And it was easy.

Instead of looking among all the NGO’s I went to my friends among the local entrepreneurs in Start Up Kathmandu: Their Nepal Rises was operating less than 24 hours after the EQ 7.9.

From there things just took off.

We soon had a couple of projects run by friends we know and trust. We didn’t give money – we bought medicine, food, blankets and other things we told were needed. The things we bought were distributed to the villages almost instantly.

After a few days we got more focused.

With the upcoming monsoon the things people needed the most were shelter. Tents, tarpolins, houses – anything! Our friends had established a platform just to provide shelter. Helter Shelter became the platform we worked from. We bought, produced and distributed shelters.

We now made a difference – small BUT a difference it was.

The 10,000 USD we managed to reach after a week were out ‘working’ through several donations to Nepal Rises & the crowd around Nayantara’s The Yellow House, after supporting a list of smaller independent operations and after sponsoring four Helter Shelter relief runs it was time to stop and think.

No matter how much money we could raise, how many tents we could buy and produce we would never be able to really help. And all we did was only temporary.  We needed to scale up and focus on more sustainable solutions – permanent housing that is easy to work with.

This was what we’ve been working with when Shishir’s message clicked in.

What you think?

Sishir’s impatient text forced me back to the keyboard.

GO! But give me a minute. I have to txt Dorje.. OK?

It didn’t make sense to force your way beyond Trisuli without bringing food. And after all – we were only taking about 300 US. Bigger plans or not – I gave hime the money

Ok. I am at Tings. Maybe you can text her now

I texted Dorje (our partner at Tings) and told her to give him the money and get a receipt.

17 The Crew


Tuesday 12 May – text from Shishir

We are safe. The team from Trisuli just reached back safety 10 min ago.

We might run a EMS service in Kathmandu for the next few hour for medical service in Kathmandu as houses have fallen down again.

Since our last online chat about rice 36 hours before our world had changed completely. The second big EQ was a real mother f***** of 7.4. I was online with Dorje when it happened – it was more scary than being there.

A new one, A BIG ONE 

That was her message before all turned silent for a second or less.

Since then we have been trying to get hold of Shishir, Peter and the rest of he team. In the beginning we wanted to get their feed back on some of the house solutions we have been researching. But after the EQ2 – only to hear if they were OK.

They were fine – they reached their destination and emptied and distributed everything. 60 families (app 300 people) for 1,000 USD + 3 days work for Shishir, Peter, David, Stine, Simone and their local guide & driver. That’s a dinner for two at Noma in Copenhagen 🙂

Click Pix for a slide show.

[EasyGallery key=’68’]


Wednesday 13 May

Shishir – I know you are very busy – but please update me. We need to tell all our friends who wants to donate about what is happening!!

The world have gone mad after EQ2. And the situation in Nepal had changed radically. We we’re back to the beginning. We had to put the sustainable solutions on hold for the time being – most of the villages was washed away. Among them Mithun’s Jiri a few km from the epicenter.

We have decided to focus on one bigger village and take things from there. I suggested that we went to Jiri and took Mithun with us as a local guide. Jiri was already on the list – and Shishir and Dorje had already talked with Mithun.

jiri map earthquakes

We are leaving for Jiri this Friday. We contacted the nurse association of Nepal And they are joining our convey.

They are responsible for bringing medicines and working in the field

NO contact has been established to any person in Jiri. We tried calling hotels, banks, and even western union place to access the damage from the last quake

We are taking a convey of nurses + team + supply.

The supply will mostly be tarpaulins as it is expected 90% the houses have fallen down and the weather prediction is that it is going to rain the coming days

The roads are be expected to be obstruct at different places but we are taking a local person from the village who is in Kathmandu at the moment and she is taking us through an alternate route.

Shishir’s had crashed his computer – he was communicating from his mobile

We will be a total team of 10 people who will consist of medical team and us distribution and research team

Even though it is time to build a long term plan but because of the earthquake we are bound of do the emergency survival supply for Jiri

Shishir and the team had reached the same conclusions 🙂

We need two four wheeler, and one strong truck to take the supply. We are trying to get the four wheelrs for free

We aim to help at least 2,000 people with our resource in Jiri which is 25% of overall population of Jiri

I had personally hoped to cover the whole city – but I needed to be more realistic – and we need to get out there asap.  

The team will also consist of Mithun Jirel who is one of the staff at Tings and is originally from Jiri. His house also has been completely knocked off by the earthquake.

I know it looks like nepotism – and it is. But since we have to start somewhere, since Jiri is one of the most damaged villages and since Mithun is already part of our small universe it somehow makes sense.

No communication can be made to anyone in Jiri. The communication is 100% down. All the police heads in VDC HAS been given satellite phone by British government but we are not being able to find their number.

Shishirs udate was clear – its a mess out there, you can’t reach people and you have to act fast.


Thursday 14 May

It’s going to be 350,000 but I am trying to get the transport for free. I will know by this afternoon. 

Btw can I get the money from dorjee?? So that I can buy tents. 

Sorry my laptop broke down so it’s taking me time to reply back. Good morning by the way.

My morning message from Shishir at 4 am.

And now back to work.


This one is for our friends in NY. You know who you are 😉

My morning sound track.

Namaste! – /Thomas


PS: More updates on Tingsblog

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